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When we add items to our library of products available to companies for enhancing business processes and employee effectiveness, we want you to notice. This page is designed to focus on what's new and exciting in our collection. Please check them out.

ISO 9001:2015 Basics, What Employees Need to Know (DVD and Learning Guide)
This is a training module that explains the ISO 9001 standard and your use of that standard applicable to a wide-range of your employees. Includes a DVD and Learning Guide. INFORM is the prime source for this item and fully guarantees your satisfaction with its value to your organization. Click for more information and to order.
License for MP4 Version of Videos
Make INFORM videos available for viewing on your internal intranet system (e.g., LMS) and your employees can obtain an understanding of management systems you use at their convenience from wherever they are located as often as they want. This is an economical way to strengthen your employees understanding of your systems and gain their more effective involvement. This is a service we offer to customers located in the USA.
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